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Technology, Quality and Safety at the Service of Health


Leader in the production of X-Ray equipment, GMS was founded in the '70s by biomedical engineers and technicians, with the aim of developing and marketing diagnostic imaging medical devices. We can currently count more than 100 latest generation digital equipment installed in Italy, with Flat panels.

Having won the previous CONSIP tenders, we installed - only in the public hospitals - more than 50 direct Remote-Controlled X-ray Systems, in the various Versions available: Standard DR, PF1 with 90° tilting table and PF2 with tilting table and 2th Xray tube on motorized ceiling mounted support.

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary factors which GMS continuously aims to. For this reason, it adopts a capillary network of regional C-SATs (technical assistance centres), in order to reduce “waiting times” for the functional repairing of its equipment.

Thanks to its investments in Research and Development, the obtained high technological level is the real guarantee for the final customer satisfaction. Solid and reliable machines.

The continuous evolution of technology in the sector pushes us to search for the maximum "modularity" of the products, to allow the updating of the equipment even in a later time, avoiding replacements and annoying machine stops. We provide our customers with technologically advanced equipment, with updated and performing software. Finally, a new remote-controlled X-Ray system with the latest implementation technologies will be available soon.

At dated, GMS Group consists of two autonomous and independent companies; one for the foreign market and the other for the Italian one.